Resetting Inventory

Resetting inventory is simple in SingleOps. Follow the steps below and you will be able to wipe out existing (possibly inaccurate) inventory and start with a fresh accurate count of your materials.

  1. Go to the Inventory page and choose an Operation.
  2. Click the Manual Deplete button.
  3. Deplete ALL the current inventory.Screenshot__85_.png
  4. Go to the Purchase Orders page.
  5. Create a purchase order using SingleOps as the Vendor (or any other placeholder Vendor).
  6. Add the current quantity and cost of all inventory items.
  7. Select the Effective Date as today.
  8. Approve the purchase order(s) and remember to remove them from the bill(s) in QuickBooks.
  9. Make sure to reset all inventory before creating/approving any jobs or performing any manual inventory additions/depletions/transfers.

Once your inventory is reset, you will be able to more accurately complete Jobs and Visits.

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