Manually Adjusting Inventory

Sometimes you may find that your inventory in SingleOps has, despite the best efforts of your team, become inconsistent with your actual physical inventory. In these cases, it is necessary to manually adjust your inventory. There are a few steps to follow to successfully adjust your inventory.

  1. Go to the Inventory page. This is located on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen under the clip board icon.
  2. Select the Operation of the Item that needs to be adjusted. You may keep all of your materials under one Operation or you may have them divided up. It is important to know which Operation is being affected. 
  3. To transfer, deplete, or add inventory for the Item, click the corresponding button on the right. Transfer lets you move inventory from one Operation to another.Inventory.png
  4. For depletions and additions, enter the quantity to be adjusted; enter any additional notes into the notes window.
  5. For transfers, select the quantity to be transferred and the location to which the inventory is being transferred; enter any additional notes into the notes window.

Once you have hit submit, your changes will happen immediately. Note that if you are syncing Purchase Orders to Quickbooks, manually adjusting inventory will not create a Purchase Order.

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