SingleOps "from" address

E-mails sent from SingleOps should have a 'from' address on the domain since e-mails sent from unverified and free e-mail addresses are more likely to be flagged as spam and rejected by your intended recipients (read more about signed e-mails here).  However, e-mails sent through SingleOps will have a 'reply-to' address which reflects the e-mail address of the sender.  This functionality is supported by all major e-mail clients.

Some e-mails may still come to your 'from' e-mail.  Clients can copy the 'from' address manually or they may save it to their address book and send e-mails to it at some later time.  For that reason, SingleOps allows you to configure your account to include the e-mail address to which you'd like to have replies sent.

You can configure the 'from' address in the SingleOps E-mail field on your account settings page (see screen shot below).  This same page contains a field whereby you can configure to which address these e-mails should be forwarded.  This can be any address you desire:  your main customer contact e-mail address, your billing department, etc.



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