Changing Your QuickBooks Online Authorization

From time to time, it may be that you need to change your QuickBooks Online (QBO) authorizations due to change in roles or personnel.  But how do you ensure your synchronizations between SingleOps and QuickBooks remain unaffected?

When you initially set up your QBO integration, you did so through your Admin  >>  Account Settings  >>  QuickBooks Online by connecting to QuickBooks and providing your QuickBooks username and password.  To change the authentications which came about by a change in roles or personnel, you'll use the same steps.



Your first step will be to disconnect the current connection to QBO by clicking the red Disconnect button.  Once you have disconnected, reconnect, but this time, supply the new username and password.  NOTE:  many ask if it is required that you log in using the QBO Admin user.  According to QuickBooks, you need not log in as 'Admin' - but you will need to ensure the username you're using does have the access needed to make changes to every area of QuickBooks Online with which SingleOps interfaces.  A lack of permissions in any one of these areas will cause sync errors if/when the sync touches that area.

After you've completed your reconnection you should be good to go. 


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