Using Labor Resources

Labor resources allow one to capture the labor hours spent on a job, and break them out along the lines of a particular person and/or their respective rate.

You can create and manage labor resources from your Labor Resource page in the admin section. Here are the components of each labor resource:

  • Name:  this should be the name of the labor resource to be tracked
  • User:  this is the SingleOps user with whom the labor resource is associated.  Typically, you will associate the labor resource with a particular crew or crew leader, e.g., if 'Mike' is the crew leader and is a registered SingleOps user, you might then have 'Mike', 'Bill', and 'Jose' as labor resources associated with 'Mike' since they are the members of his crew.  In this example, 'Bill' and 'Jose' are not SingleOps users, but you will still want to be able to track them as labor resources. If your crews change constantly, you will just want to associate the labor resource with the user they are with the most. 
  • Rates:  these are the different rates which the labor resource may have/use.  You will need to create a separate rate for each type of labor the resource performs, e.g., the labor resource 'Bill' identified in the earlier example might have the following rates:

     -  Labor Type:  Stump Grinding; Rate:  16.50

     -  Labor Type:  Plant Health Care; Rate:  15.00

     -  Labor Type:  Overtime; Rate:  19.25


Once you have created your labor resources, you can record their work for each job.

Manual entry:

  1. On an active job, click the 'Complete' button to take you to the job's completion page.
  2. Once on the job's completion page, expand the 'Labor Details' section to add/update labor line items.
  3. For each labor line, you can choose the proper 'Resource/Rate' combination for the job, as well as the date, description, and quantity of hours worked.
  4. When you have finished adding the necessary labor line items, save your selections by clicking 'Complete' (to complete the job) or 'Update Visit' (which saves your changes but returns the job to its active job state).

Labor details can also be recorded by the crew user’s use of SingleOps Timesheets.

For information on how to use Timesheets to automate job labor details, please click here

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