Proposal Expiration & Auto-Rejection

SingleOps offers a configuration by which you can have proposals you submit to customers automatically expire (reject) if they have not been accepted within a certain number of days. This is designed to help eliminate clutter and prevent customers from accepting a proposal with a price which may have changed over an extended period of time.

Changing Your Proposal Expiration

You can change the number of days to whatever seems most appropriate for your business model.  

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Account Settings > Jobs

2. Find the setting 'How many days before proposal expires?' and enter the number of days a proposal should stay active before it's automatically rejected. This will also affect Proposed Groups.

3. Click Update Account button at the bottom to preserve your changes.

Additional notes

  • When a proposal expires or is rejected it is not deleted, it moves into the ‘Rejected’ stage in your jobs management module. If you would like to honor a rejected proposal you can click the blue Reactivate Proposal button to the right of the expanded job in the rejected section of the job management module.
  • Any update made to the Job/Proposal will restart the clock for Proposal Expiration / Auto Rejection. The timing for this will be based on the last update date ("Updated On" found on the Job/Proposal page).





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  • Hello, can you add context regarding the blue "Rejected Automatically" tag that gets labeled on proposals. It would be useful to our sales teams to be able to filter rejected proposals to only Auto so that we can know who needs circling back to and who specifically told us no, and manually rejected it. 

    I see that it is on the Job and or Visit, but is it a filter available on any report / mgmt page or any available column? Or is there any additional info regarding that trigger and process. 

    Thank you


  • Proposals will automatically be marked as rejected based on the number of days entered for the account setting below. 

    There isn't currently a filter for auto-rejected proposals. That said, you can use a Custom Input to track reject reasons. That way, if a proposal is manually rejected, your team can add why. Not only will this offer insights into why you are missing out on business, but you could filter to any rejected proposals with no reject reason for followup. 




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