Email Template Data Tags

Data Tags represent specific data & are usually a word between two colons. To use data tags, start by entering a colon followed by the search term, followed by the final, closing colon. Below is a list of current Data Tags that you can copy & paste into your email templates as needed:


Email Template Data Tags


Client/Contact Name & Email


Contacts' and Client's Email
Liquid: {{ visit.job.all_emailable | list_emails }}

Contacts' or Client's Email
Liquid: {{ visit.job.primary_emailable | list_emails }}

Contacts' and Client's Name
Liquid: {{ visit.job.all_emailable | list_names }}

Contacts' or Client's Name
Liquid: {{ visit.job.primary_emailable | list_names }}

Client's First Name (only)
Liquid: {{object.client.first_name}}


Job Reference

:visit_job_custom_field_displays_pets: Job-Level Custom Input *Name of custom input in this example is "Pets"* {{ visit.job.custom_field_displays.animals }}

Job's Reference Number
Liquid: {{ visit.job.account_reference_number }}

Visit's Reference Number
Liquid: {{ visit.account_reference_number }}

Job's Name
Liquid: {{ }}

Visit's Name
Liquid: {{ }}


Job Location

Job Location's Street and Number
Liquid: {{ visit.job.location.address }}

Job Location's City
Liquid: {{ }}

Job Location's State
Liquid: {{ visit.job.location.state }}

Job Location's Zip Code
Liquid: {{ }}


Invoice Data

Invoice Total with Tax included
Liquid: {{ invoice.total_tax_price }}

Remaining Invoice Balance
Liquid: {{ invoice.balance }}



Visit Notes visible to Client
Liquid: {{ visit.client_notes }}

Visit Notes visible to Crew
Liquid: {{ visit.crew_notes }}

Visit Notes visible to Admins
Liquid: {{ visit.admin_notes }}

Job Notes visible to Client
Liquid: {{ visit.job.client_notes }}

Job Notes visible to Crew
Liquid: {{ visit.job.crew_notes }}

Job Notes visible to Admins
Liquid: {{ visit.job.job_notes }}


Current User Data 

Current User's Full Name
Liquid: {{ }}

Current User's First Name
Liquid: {{ | split:" " | first}}

Current User's Email
Liquid: {{ }}

Current User's Office Phone Number
Liquid: {{ }}

Current User's Mobile Phone Number
Liquid: {{ }}

User-Level Custom Input
*Name of custom input in this example is "Title"*
Liquid: {{ user.custom_field_displays.title }}


Sales Rep Data 

Assigned Sales Rep's Full Name
Liquid: {{ }}

Assigned Sales Rep's First Name
Liquid: {{ | split:" " | first }}

Assigned Sales Rep's Email
Liquid: {{ }}

Assigned Sales Rep's Office Phone Number
Liquid: {{ }}

Assigned Sales Rep's Mobile Phone Number
Liquid: {{ }}



Visit Proposal viewable and acceptable by Client
Liquid: {{ visit.public_proposal_url }}

Visit Proposal PDF viewable by Client
Liquid: {{ visit.public_proposal_pdf_url }}

Visit Work Order PDF viewable by Crew
Liquid: {{ visit.public_work_order_pdf_url }}

Visit Invoice viewable and payable by Client
Liquid: {{ visit.public_invoice_url }}

Visit Invoice PDF viewable by Client
Liquid: {{ visit.public_invoice_pdf_url }}

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