E-mail Template Data Tags

SingleOps allows users to edit the name, subject, recipient, & body of an email template by simply entering the desired text. However, to enter dynamic information, i.e. information which changes automatically with the context of your customer or internal user, you can use data tags.

Data tags represent specific data & are usually a word between two colons. (e.g., :my_data_tag:). To use data tags, start by entering a colon followed by the search term, followed by the final, closing colon. Below is a list of current data tags that you can copy & paste into your email templates as needed.


Name and Email

Contacts' and Client's Email
Liquid: {{ visit.job.all_emailable | list_emails }}

Contacts' or Client's Email
Liquid: {{ visit.job.primary_emailable | list_emails }}

Contacts' and Client's Name
Liquid: {{ visit.job.all_emailable | list_names }}

Contacts' or Client's Name
Liquid: {{ visit.job.primary_emailable | list_names }}

Client's First Name (only)
Liquid: {{object.client.first_name}}


:visit_job_custom_field_displays_pets: Job-Level Custom Input *Name of custom input in this example is "Pets"* {{ visit.job.custom_field_displays.animals }}

Job's Reference Number
Liquid: {{ visit.job.account_reference_number }}

Visit's Reference Number
Liquid: {{ visit.account_reference_number }}

Job's Name
Liquid: {{ visit.job.name }}

Visit's Name
Liquid: {{ visit.name }}


Job Location's Street and Number
Liquid: {{ visit.job.location.address }}

Job Location's City
Liquid: {{ visit.job.location.city }}

Job Location's State
Liquid: {{ visit.job.location.state }}

Job Location's Zip Code
Liquid: {{ visit.job.location.zip }}


Invoice Total with Tax included
Liquid: {{ invoice.total_tax_price }}

Remaining Invoice Balance
Liquid: {{ invoice.balance }}


Visit Notes visible to Client
Liquid: {{ visit.client_notes }}

Visit Notes visible to Crew
Liquid: {{ visit.crew_notes }}

Visit Notes visible to Admins
Liquid: {{ visit.admin_notes }}

Job Notes visible to Client
Liquid: {{ visit.job.client_notes }}

Job Notes visible to Crew
Liquid: {{ visit.job.crew_notes }}

Job Notes visible to Admins
Liquid: {{ visit.job.job_notes }}

Current User

Current User's Full Name
Liquid: {{ user.name }}

Current User's First Name
Liquid: {{user.name | split:" " | first}}

Current User's Email
Liquid: {{ user.email }}

Current User's Office Phone Number
Liquid: {{ user.office }}

Current User's Mobile Phone Number
Liquid: {{ user.mobile }}

User-Level Custom Input
*Name of custom input in this example is "Title"*
Liquid: {{ user.custom_field_displays.title }}

Sales Rep

Assigned Sales Rep's Full Name
Liquid: {{ visit.sales_rep.name }}

Assigned Sales Rep's First Name
Liquid: {{visit.sales_rep.name | split:" " | first }}

Assigned Sales Rep's Email
Liquid: {{ visit.sales_rep.email }}

Assigned Sales Rep's Office Phone Number
Liquid: {{ visit.sales_rep.office }}

Assigned Sales Rep's Mobile Phone Number
Liquid: {{ visit.sales_rep.mobile }}



Visit Proposal viewable and acceptable by Client
Liquid: {{ visit.public_proposal_url }}

Visit Proposal PDF viewable by Client
Liquid: {{ visit.public_proposal_pdf_url }}

Visit Work Order PDF viewable by Crew
Liquid: {{ visit.public_work_order_pdf_url }}

Visit Invoice viewable and payable by Client
Liquid: {{ visit.public_invoice_url }}

Visit Invoice PDF viewable by Client
Liquid: {{ visit.public_invoice_pdf_url }}

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