Units of Measure

A Unit of Measure (UoM) is used to specify how you measure each Item included on a Job (i.e., Man Hours, Square Feet, Ounces, etc.) It is important to consider the UoM when setting up Items to ensure your entire team is pricing materials & services in the same way.

In this article:

Create a Unit of Measure

Apply Units of Measure


Create a Unit of Measure

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Items > Units of Measure

2. Select New Unit of Measure

3. Enter the Unit of Measure Name & Abbreviation (Description is optional)

4. Select Create Unit of Measure
*Note: A Unit of Measure can also be created on the New/Edit Item page 



Apply Units of Measure

1. Navigate to: mceclip1.png Admin > Items > Items

2. Select New or click the Item Name, this will open up the Item and allow you to select Edit to make changes.

3. Select the Units of Measure

4. Once you have select your desired unit of measure and click Update Item 
*Note: Items can have more than one UoM. This allows Users to select the appropriate UoM when adding an Item to a Job. 



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