How to Create & Apply Units of Measure

A Unit of Measure (UoM) is used to specify how you measure each Item included on a Job (i.e., Man Hours, Square Feet, Ounces, etc.) It is important to consider the UoM when setting up Items to ensure your entire team is pricing materials & services in the same way.


How to Create a Unit of Measure

  1. Navigate to Admin > Items > Units of Measure

  2. Select New Unit of Measure

  3. Enter the Unit of Measure Name & Abbreviation (Description is optional)

  4. Select Create Unit of Measure

    Note: A Unit of Measure can also be created on the New/Edit Item page 



  • How to Apply Units of Measure
    1. Navigate to Admin > Items > Items

    2. Select New or Edit next to an Item

    3. Select the Unit of Measure

      Note: Items can have more than one UoM. This allows Users to select the appropriate UoM when adding an Item to a Job. 



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