Operation Overview

Operations in SingleOps provide a method for segmenting Jobs and Items in SingleOps. The most common use for segmenting by Operation is for the type of work, such as Tree, PHC, Maintenance, and Installation; but another use case applies to large companies with several office locations, where each location can be used as a separate Operation in SingleOps. For Quickbooks users, Operations in SingleOps are the equivalent of a Class in QuickBooks.

Standard Operations record basic information, such as the Operation's name, Location, and PDF attachments. Additional Operation-level settings are available with Operation-level branding, including alternate Logos and documents. Other valuable usage of Operations can be found in Reports and the Job Page. Many reports can be filtered for Operation and/or include the Operation as a column.  This can offer valuable insight into profitability by the type of work being done by your business, and can be used to improve marketing efforts, set competitive pricing, and gain a more comprehensive picture for devoting resources moving forward.




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