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Operations are the equivalent to a Class in Quickbooks & are used in SingleOps to segment Jobs, Items, & other data. The most common use of Operations is segmenting types of services/Jobs, such as, General Tree Care, Plant Health Care, Landscape Maintenance, Installation, etc. Operations are also commonly used by large companies with multiple office locations, to segment services/Jobs by those locations.

In this article:

Add a New Operation

Edit an Existing Operation

Operation Level Branding (Plus Tier)

Set-Up Operation Level Branding

Where To Apply Operations


Add a New Operation

Operations (Classes) can also be created & synced from Quickbooks

  1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Operations
  2. Select New Operation
  3. Under the General tab, enter a Name for your new Operation.
  4. (Optional) Add documents.
    Additional Proposal Documents Click Choose File to include PDFs to proposals whenever the Job or contract is associated with this Operation.
    Additional Invoice Documents Click Choose File to include PDFs to invoices whenever the Job is associated with this operation.
  5. Add a Location
    *Note: The location entered here is used as the starting location when optimizing routes for driver's assigned to this route operation. Follow this link for more information on Route Optimization.
  6. Is this Operation Active? Check/uncheck the box.
  7. (Optional) Under the Document Template tab, select document templates by type and toggle each to either Locked or Unlocked.
    *Note: These options will only appear in this section if you have multiple templates from which to pick for a specific document type. Locking a template here will prevent it from being overridden at the Job level.
  8. When finished, click Create Operation.


Edit Existing Operations

  1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Operations
    1. To edit an Operation, click Edit next to an existing Operation.
    2. When finished editing, click Update Operation.

    Click Show next to an existing Operation to reveal Operation's Name, address Location, Active status, & Acceptance Text.

    Deactivate To delete an Operation, click Deactivate. An "Are you sure?" message will pop-up. Click OK.


Operation Level Branding (Plus Tier)

Operation Level Branding is a Plus Tier feature in SingleOps. While basic Operation functionality serves as a way to segment your Jobs, Items, etc., Operation Level Branding offers advanced functionality for Document Template configurations with alternate company information & logos specific to your Operations. If your business has different service divisions or locations, but does not need different document aesthetics for each, this feature may not be necessary for your company. If you do not currently have Operation Level Branding, but would like to turn it on for your Plus Tier account, please reach out to


Set-Up Operation Level Branding 

  1. Navigate to: AdminOperations
  2. Select New Operation or Edit to update an existing one.
  3. Select the Branding tab & populate the fields with information specific to that Operation.
  4. Select Create Operation or Update Operation

Once an Operation's branding is set, any documents associated with Jobs categorized within that Operation will pull the appropriate branding information. 


Additional Notes

  • Operations can also be used for reporting, offering valuable insight into profitability by service type, & can be used to improve marketing efforts, set competitive pricing, or gain a more comprehensive picture for devoting resources moving forward.
  • For the custom Operational Branding "" email address, a "reply to" will go to the account level customer contact email, unless the sending user does not have the  setting “use account email as reply to” checked.

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