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The My Day page allows users to see their entire day in one centralized location, and is optimized for Crew team members to use in the field.  Any assigned Task or Visit assigned to a User will display on this page, even if the the Task/Visit is also assigned to other Users.  Therefore, Crew Users should be able to Clock In, Start Work, Complete Assigned Tasks/Visits, and Clock Out on this one page, simplifying and adding efficiency to his/her workflow.

My Day Page Overview

My Day displays everything scheduled for a given day (defaults to today's date). This includes all assigned Tasks and Visits, as well as an Items Summary, Map with Pins representing stop locations, and helpful links such as Crew Notes and Work Orders for each Task/Visit.

To begin using My Day, from within SingleOps, click the My Day icon (a sun) in the left-hand side of the page. From the Home Page, the button on the right-hand side called "Go to My Day" can also be clicked.  A Crew User's login landing page should default to the My Day Page.


Once on the My Day Page, verify the User and date listed at the top of the page is accurate.  To navigate to different days, click the left/right arrows to advance/regress to consecutive days or use the Calendar Icon to chose a specific day.  


My Day Page Components

Items List

The Item List for My Day can be found in the upper-left of the page. This list is broken into two sections.

  • The first section is a list of individual Items for all Visits which includes the total Quantity for each Item over all of the Visits on that day.
    • Example - if two Visits for the day contain the Item: Pruning, with the first Visit containing 1 hour of Pruning, and the second Visit containing 3 hours of Pruning, this chart would display the Item: Pruning with a Quantity of 4.0.
  • Category/Subcategory Totals is the second section of this table. This is a high-level summary of Item quantity by Category type (materials, services, equipment, and labor). 
    • Example - In the table below, the Category "Labor" contains the Items "Residential Lawn Program" (qty. 5) and "PHC Spray" (qty. 2) for a total quantity of 7.0. These Items are categorized as Labor on the Items' settings (Located in Admin > Items > Items). 

Map with Stop Pins

The upper-right region of the page contains a map marked with all stops for Tasks/Visits which have been assigned to the user and scheduled for that day. The map pin labels of A, B, C,... represent the order in which the Stops have been scheduled.

Clicking on the Map will take the User to a Google Maps Route with Driving Directions for efficient navigation to each Stop.


The Visits and Tasks scheduled for the selected date will be listed in chronological order and will display the job name, client name, the scheduled start/stop times, and the location address.  Visits are denoted by the house icon, whereas tasks are denoted by the notepad icon.  Visits will show any related tags. Tasks will bear an additional icon linking the Tasks to an associated Job #.


•  Message - clicking the Message button will offer you the opportunity to e-mail or text Clients directly from the My Day page. 
•  More Info - clicking the More Info button will display more information for the visit or task
•  Other Actions  -  these will differ based on the Task/Visit and timesheet status of the user  


The documents section will display any related documents to which the user has permission to view. To see additional documents, select the "More" button then make a selection from the dropdown list.

Using the My Day Page

The ideal workflow for Crew Users or Operators is outlined in the steps below. Screenshots for this section are displayed on a cell phone, so formatting may differ from the web app view.

  1. Clock In for the day - select the Clock In button and add Laor Resources which are assigned to you. When this takes place should be determined by owners/managers; it could be at the beginning of the work day, or upon arrival at the first Visit/Task location.
  2. When you are ready to begin work on the first stop, select the "Start Work" button on that stop.
  3. When the work has been completed, or you are stopping for the day, select the "Stop Work" button. Verify the Labor Resources, and Complete the Visit.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for remaining Visits.
  5. Clock Out all Labor Resources for the day.

FAQs and Tips for Using the MyDay Page

  • Task/Visit seems to be missing - If it seems like something on your My Day page is missing, ensure that the visits or tasks are assigned to you, ensure the logged-in user is who he/she should be, and/or ensure you're on the correct day.
  • The Clock In button seems to be Missing - It the Clock In button is not appearing, ensure all Labor Resources were Clocked Out on previous days. If a Labor Resource is not clocked out, they will not be eligible for Clocking In.
  • The Start Work button seems to be Missing - If a Clocked In Crew user is only seeing the Complete button and not the "Start Work"button on a Visit/Task, make sure the user's assigned Labor Resource has been clocked in. The Start Work button will only appear if a User has Clocked In the Labor Resources which are assigned to them.
    • Example: A sample Labor Resource setup page is below (found under Admin > Labor Resources).
      • If the user "Walter" Clocks In Labor Resource "Alfonso", the Start Work button will appear on his Visits because Alfonso is assigned to Walter.
      • If the user :Hazel" Clocks In Labor Resource "Alfonso" on the My Day page, the Start Work button will not appear on her Visits because Alfonso is assigned to User: Walter. Instead, Hazel will see only the Complete button on her assigned Visits until she Clocks In a Labor Resource who is assigned to her.
      • The Labor Resource must be clocked in under his/her assigned User in order for the Start Work button to appear.
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