Release Note | 6.20.2024

Per our email today, we’re focused on making meaningfully impact your SingleOps experience by focusing on incremental improvements that make SingleOps easier to navigate, and more efficient to use. So we’ve decided to shift towards making smaller, more incremental improvements to the product experience. You can expect a bi-weekly update via Release Notes (in the SingleOps Help Center) going forward (next expected July 2nd, 2024). 

This week, we’re excited to share the following updates to SingleOps:

  1. Sensitive Calendar Scroll - Users accessing SingleOps on mobile devices can now scroll on our calendar page on their phone or tablet without fear of accidentally moving an appointment.
  2. Rich Text Editing on Job Notes - You can now format text (bold/italics), hyperlink videos or images, & make bulleted lists in job notes (applies to all internal, client and crew notes)! This improvement will empower you to improve estimator-to-crew communication, and allow you to format your client-facing job notes more professionally.
  3. Google Autocomplete for Client Billing Location - When you enter a client’s address into the client details on a proposal or job page in SingleOps, the address will now automatically populate in the client details section - removing the need for you to re-enter that information manually.
  4. Calendar and Route Planner Button Consolidation - We have consolidated the action buttons on both the Calendar & the Route Planner pages into drop down menus, removing clutter from the page on both desktop and mobile.
  5. Calendar Page Redirect -  Previously, when you navigate to a job from the Calendar page, edit it, and save it, you’d be redirected to the Jobs page. We have updated the system to navigate you back to where you were prior to editing the job: the calendar page.
  6. Deposit QB Guardrails - When syncing deposits over to Quickbooks, it requires that an “Other Current Liabilities” account be set up. In order to reduce QB sync errors on your end, we have put guardrails in place so you will not be able to create a job with deposits unless you have properly set up Deposit Items in Settings.



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