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The SingleOps Timesheet Summary Report includes clock-in & clock-out data, calculates total hours, & differentiates the time between Paid & Unpaid hours. Any Timesheet notes (descriptions) can also be seen in this report

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Reports > Labor > Timesheet Summary



Date Range Choose between Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, Year To Date, or Custom Range. The date range selects only timesheets that occur within the two dates.
Timesheet Status Select one or multiple Timesheet Status(es) (Active, Submitted, Approved). If none are selected, all will be included in the Report.



Search this report based on Labor Type and Resource Name


Click Columns and select one or multiple column types. To add and remove columns, the columns in blue will display in the report.

Rearrange Columns by clicking and holding the column header, move to the left or right and drop. Sort rows by clicking the up & down sort arrows icon, click once to sort from low to high, and again to sort from high to low.

Timesheet Click 'Timesheet' to hyperlink directly to associated Timesheet.
Timesheet Status Status of timesheet (Active, Submitted, Approved)
Name Labor Resource Name 
Type Labor Resource Type (e.g. Stump Grinder, Tree Climber, Overtime, etc.)
Rate Labor Resource Ratethese are hourly pay rates or loaded labor rates based on Labor Type
Date Date clocked-in (month/ day/ year)
Clock In Time of clock-in (hour : minute AM/PM)
Clock Out Time of clock-out (hour : minute AM/PM)
Total Hours Number of hours between Clock In and Clock Out.
Unpaid Hours Total hours unpaid based on event type. 
(Total Hours) - (Paid Hours) = Unpaid Hours
Paid Hours Total hours paid based on event type.
(Total Hours) - (Unpaid Hours) = Paid Hours
Clock In Notes Notes created by User while clocking-in
Clock Out Notes Notes created by User while clocking-out



At the bottom of the page, totaled amounts for seven columns - Total Hours, Unpaid Hours, Paid Hours - can be found.
*Note: These Totals reflect the sum of the displayed on this page only (<10), not the entirety of search results. Additional results can be accessed by clicking through the additional pages at the bottom right of the screen.


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