Keyboard Shortcuts


Save time navigating in SingleOps by using keyboard shortcuts.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts work differently on PC and Mac computers. On PCs, you'll use Ctrl instead of .

Shortcut Action
ctrl+⇧+S / ⌘+⇧+S Search - focus the global search box
ctrl+⇧+H / ⌘+⇧+H Open the activity history dialog
ctrl+⇧+M / ⌘+⇧+M Go to the My day page
ctrl+⇧+J / ⌘+⇧+J Go to the Job Management page
ctrl+⇧+R / ⌘+⇧+R Go to the Route Planner page
ctrl+⇧+E / ⌘+⇧+E Go to the Clients page
ctrl+⇧+L /⌘+⇧+L Go to the Quickbooks Logs
ctrl+⇧+A / ⌘+⇧+A Open the account switcher
ctrl+⇧+/ / ⌘+⇧+? Open the keyboard shortcuts dialog
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  • I don't think these functions work on a laptop. I have a Dell, and none of these shortcuts seem to work with the Ctrl function.

  • @Deanna, it works ok for me on my windows computer. The middle icon is shift. So for example it's control shift J to go to the Job Management page. If that does not work for you please drop us a line at


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