Proposal Conversion Widget


Gain further insights into your sales performance and optimize your conversion rates. Use this widget to assess the effectiveness of your sales team as well as set realistic sales goals and forecast future revenue. Proposal Conversion uses the Sales Rep Name, Created Proposals, Accepted Proposals, and Proposal Conversion columns from the Sales Rep Report.

Report: Data is pulled from Sales Rep Report


Populate Data in Widget Columns

Sales Rep Name Created Accepted Conversion %
The sales rep's name will display here. A job/visit must have a Sales Rep assigned to it. If no Sales Rep, then this column will not calculate. Create a proposal associated to this sales rep. The Created Proposal column will add 1 to the current value. Accept a proposal associated to this sales rep. The Accepted Proposals will add 1 to the current value.

The Proposal Conversion column is the Accepted Proposal divided by Created Proposals.




There is no date range picker for this widget yet. The default date is the current month so any data present represents the current month we are in. It will be added soon.

Operation Pulls revenue from jobs with selected operation. Select one or more Operations.


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