Labor Progress Report Widget


Track the actual progress of your jobs with this widget. Keep tabs on how projects are advancing compared to their planned schedule, enabling you to identify any delays or issues early on. This widget pulls from the Visits Report and uses the Total Estimated Hours and Actual Hours columns to calculate the percentage of over/under.

For example, if my crew leader (Assignee) has 40 hours of visits this week and he completed 35 hours by the end of the week, then the widget will show the Assignee name and 88%. This means he came under 12% of the estimated, budgeted hours, which means he saved the company money!

Report: Visits Report


Populate Data in this Widget

1. Job/Visit must have estimated hours attached to it. To add estimated hours to a visit, add a line item that is Labor type. In the Quantity field, enter the number of hours.mceclip4.png2. You can verify the Estimated Hours on the Job/Visit Show page


3. After Estimated Hours are set, you will need to log in Actual Hours. There are two ways to get Actual Hours:

  • A. By Line Item - On the Visit Completion page, enter the Actual Quantity for labor hours.
    In this example, 35 actual vs 40 estimated were entered.mceclip6.png
  • B. By Labor Line -
    • If the setting- Use timesheet / labor line entries for labor reports is turned ON
    • On the Visit Completion page, use the labor line or timesheet event to add a labor line.
      In this example, under Labor Details, add a labor resource and enter a Quantity (hours) for that labor resource.

4. The visit must be Completed for the data to flow into the widget.




For the Labor Progress Report, this widget’s date range is defaulted to the previous Sunday to Saturday.

For example, if today is Wednesday, this widget would use data from the past Sunday to the current date until Saturday. When next Sunday is here, the widget will reset to the next “Sun through Sat” date range.

Operation Pulls revenue from jobs with selected operation. Select one or more Operations.



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