Margin Per Man Hour Widget


One of two Man Hour widgets. Use this one to help assess the efficiency and productivity of your company's workforce. This widget uses the Man Hour Report and is using data from Margin/Hour column. The Margin/Hour column divides the Gross Margin column by Total Hours

Report: Man Hour Report


Populate Data in this Widget

Sales Rep A job/visit must have a Sales Rep assigned to it. If no Sales Rep, then this column will not calculate.
Margin/Hour On the Visit Completion Page, you must add a labor line. In this example, a labor line of 8 hours is added.

The visit must be Approved and the Invoice Date must be filled out. The invoice date will determine the date the margin per man hour will go under. Example: If your invoice date was November, then the margin per man hour will reflect for November.

The Widget will show a monthly average of the margin per man hour.

Operation Pulls revenue from jobs with selected operation. Select one or more operations.


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