QuickBooks Getting Started

Step 1: Setup

Step 2: Connect to Quickbooks

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect


Step 1: Setup

Confirm Sales Tax Configuration

Confirm Sales Tax is setup correctly in Quickbooks. 

Set Up Payment Options

Setup Quickbooks for Deposits and Prepays

Items associated with income account

Make sure all items (products/services) in Quickbooks are associated with an income account from the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. The Income QuickBooks Account information needs to be entered into SingleOps from the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. 

Review QuickBooks Sync Chart

Here you will find a visual representation of "what" and "how" data sync between SingleOps and the accounting software Quickbooks. 


Step 2: Connect to Quickbooks

Connect QuickBooks Online Work with your SingleOps team member if you have further questions about syncing. 
Connect QuickBooks Desktop & Web Connector


Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect 

Review Quickbooks Online Best Practices

Review your daily workflow for managing the Quickbooks Sync.

Review Quickbooks Desktop Best Practices



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