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  • Job Templates 
    Make sure job templates have been created for your common services offered. This will save you time by pre-populating items, pricing, tags, etc. 
  • Property Measurements
    This is a tool that can be used to mark & measure the square or linear footage of an area on a Job’s site map. 
  • Production Rates
    Use to accurately estimate budgeted materials and man hours. 
  • One Off Job
    One-Off Jobs in SingleOps are Jobs with one Visit. One-Off Jobs are used when the services requested by the Client will only occur once & generally over a short period of time (one day or a few consecutive days).
  • Item Groups
    An Item Group is a collection of Items, pre-built for quick addition to a Job.
  • Enable Progress Billing (find more info about Progress Billing below in the Invoicing Section)

Estimating in Design/Build Best Practice Video



Scheduling in Design/Build Best Practice Video



  • Progress Billing
    Progress Billing is an invoicing method for one-off jobs that allows you to bill clients based on completed work. Created with Design/Build in mind, this feature gives you more control over the invoicing process. It allows you to review the progress of a job and manually create invoices as needed or create a Milestone and bill their clients as those milestones are reached.

Invoicing in Design/Build Best Practice Video





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