Sales Rep Getting Started

Step 1: The Basics

Step 2: SingleOps Overview

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect

Step 4: Track Your Success


Step 1: The Basics 

Login at

Bookmark to your browser or phone home screen for quick access to SingleOps!

Open the
SingleOps In-App Success Center

Your hub for what's new with SingleOps

Meet your team
Contacting SingleOps, Support vs. CSM

Support is a great resource if you need help!
Practice Using
Global Search 
Easily find clients, bids and more


Step 2: SingleOps Overview

Review the
Full Job Workflow in SingleOps
Watch the ~6 minute workflow video to see how SingleOps works
Sales Rep Best Practices
Watch the ~5 minute daily workflow video to learn more about how you will use SingleOps
Review all
Best Practices
See how other teams use SingleOps, and learn more about special uses. 


Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect 

Schedule Onsite Estimates (Tasks)

Whether you have a scheduling team, or you build your day, review how to schedule your onsite estimates.

View estimates on the
My Day page 

The My Day Page is how you will manage estimates out in the field 

Create Proposals

Use step by step guide for building proposals by service type. 

Sending Emails

Get comfortable with how to follow up on bids with your customers.

Proposals - From Your Clients' Perspective

Watch the ~3 minute video to learn how your customer's will view and accept proposals


Step 4: Track Your Success

Dashboards: Sales Leader Board 

Use the Sales Leaderboard to see how you are pacing 

Sales Rep Report 

Dig into close rates with the sales rep report










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