Sales Rep / Estimator

Get to Know SingleOps

  • Job Workflow Video ~10 minutes
    Watch this to get a full understanding of how your role impacts everyone else on your team. Also learn common SingleOps terminology. 
  • SingleOps Terminology
    Get to know our commonly used terms in SingleOps, along with descriptions for each word or phrase.
  • One Off & Recurring Jobs
    Learn about One Off & Recurring jobs and how to schedule them using SingleOps.
  • Sales Rep Best Practices
    Learn how to manage your pipeline and track your success.


Leads in SingleOps

In SingleOps, Leads can be created and scheduled in a few different ways:


Estimating in SingleOps


Upselling and Sales Efficiency

  • Options Proposals 
    This allow you to upsell by adding recommended products and options. This provides flexibility to your customers, ensuring they accept your business.
  • Property Measurements
    This is a tool that can be used to mark & measure the square or linear footage of an area on a Job’s site map.
  • Map Pins
    Map pins can be used to denote locations on a Job's site map in order to mark trees, target work areas, pinpoint hazards, etc.
  • Production Rates
    These are formulas that calculate quantity for an item (not price). These are great for easy and accurate estimating. 


Getting Paid Faster

  • Prepay
  • Deposits
  • ProPay
    ProPay is SingleOps' payment processing system that includes the ability to process payments via ACH.
  • GreenSky Financing
    GreenSky is a lending financial technology company used at the point-of-sale as promotional credit.





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