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Get to Know SingleOps

  • Job Workflow Video ~6 minutes
    Watch this to get a full understanding of how your role impacts everyone else on your team. Also learn common SingleOps terminology. 
  • SingleOps Terminology
    Get to know our commonly used terms in SingleOps, along with descriptions for each word or phrase.
  • One Off & Recurring Jobs
    Learn about One Off & Recurring jobs and how to schedule them using SingleOps.


Timesheets in SingleOps

  • Timesheets Article
    Follow this article with easy steps on navigating and using the SingleOps Timesheets page and how to start & stop work.


Labor Resources in SingleOps

  • Labor Resources Video ~3 minutes
    Labor Resources are used to track employee time on a work day, as well as more specific events such time on a Visit. Watch this video for the entire Labor Resources overview.
  • Create & Use Labor Resources Article
    Follow this article with easy steps on navigating and manually logging labor details on a completed visit in SingleOps.


GPS in SingleOps Powered by FleetSharp

  • GPS Overview Article
    Only applicable to companies with GPS tracking, this article will go over GPS installation, GPS with timesheets & maps and more.


JSA Best Practices 

  • JSA Best Practices (for tree care) Article
    In this Job Safety Analysis (aka Job Hazard Analysis) article you will find resources on outlining your job steps, identifying the potential hazards, and the controlling measures required to reduce the likelihood of an injury or incident.


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