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Are you responsible for lead intake, crew scheduling, sales scheduling? If so, the article below will provide all resources you need to get started on scheduling with SingleOps. 

Get to Know SingleOps

  • Job Workflow Video ~10 minutes
    Watch this to get a full understanding of how your role impacts everyone else on your team. Also learn common SingleOps terminology. 
  • SingleOps Terminology Article
    Get to know our commonly used terms in SingleOps, along with descriptions for each word or phrase.
  • One Off & Recurring Jobs Article
    Learn about One Off & Recurring jobs and how to schedule them using SingleOps.


Leads in SingleOps


Scheduling in SingleOps

In SingleOps, there are a couple different places to schedule a Lead:

  • Calendar- Learn about scheduling from the Calendar here.
  • Route Planner- Learn about scheduling from the Route Planner here



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