Time & Materials Best Practice

Time & Material Jobs in SingleOps

Set-Up in SingleOps


Time & Materials Jobs in SingleOps

Time and Materials jobs (T&M) are when you bill based on what labor and materials you actually used, as opposed to estimating a price up front and sticking to it. These jobs usually require users to enter items and labor on the back-end.

Set-Up in SingleOps 

  1. Item/Item Group Set-Up: Add rate detail to item/item group description. 
  2.  Document Templates: Update document templates so total price, unit price are not displayed.
    Example proposal:
  3. Proposal Detail: When creating the job, Hide Totals so the proposal link doesn't show $0 total.
    1. On job edit, scroll to bottom right
    2. Select Proposal Detail dropdown
    3. Select Hide Totals
  4. Update Invoice Amounts:
    1. Crews verify actual quantities on job completion. Learn more here
    2. Admin or operator will need to update billable amount to match actual quantities so invoice gets updated
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