Billing Best Practices


Billing Best Practices

Confirm Billable Items & Approve Jobs


Manage Quickbooks Syncing (If applicable)

Manage Purchase Orders (If applicable)

Review Invoice Account Settings

Billing Best Practices

Do these actions daily if you oversee billing for your business. These best practices will help you get paid faster, spend less time on collections and ensure your accounting is up to date. 

Confirm Billable Items & Approve Jobs

Go through completed visits/jobs on a daily basis to confirm all costs and billable items are correct. Confirm materials, expenses, equipment, labor and service items have correct quantities, costs and prices. 

  1. Open Completed Jobs/Visits Page
  2. Apply Filters: Can be whatever you desired, below are some common options:
    1. Date Filter On: Completed on
    2. Date Range: Yesterday, Last 7 days, etc. 
    3. Assignee or Operation: This allows you to approve groups of visits at once
    4. Confirm billable information
      1. Review all jobs/visits, make desired edits to ensure billable items and costs are logged correctly
    5. Batch Approve 
      1. Check All, and Select Approve 
        *Note: Approving visits/jobs will trigger invoice to sync to Quickbooks by default for one off jobs and per visit invoicing visits on recurring jobs. 


Send Open Invoices daily  to keep up with outstanding revenue. Be sure to take advantage of Invoice Automations to take this step off your plate!

  1. Go to Open Invoices Page
  2. Apply Filters: Can be whatever you desired, below are some common options:
    1. Invoice Date
    2. Invoice Status 'Open'
      Learn more about Open Invoices here.  
  3. Select 'All' and Batch Invoice  

Note: Follow these same steps to send an invoice overdue reminder email, just update the date range! Or, set up Invoice Automations to do this for you. 

Manage Quickbooks Syncing 

If connected to Quickbooks, make sure to check Quickbooks syncing daily. Resolve any unsynced entities to ensure data is accurate in both systems. 

Manage Quickbooks Online

Manage Quickbooks Desktop

Manage Purchase Orders

If using Purchase Orders, make sure to create new purchase orders and approve fulfilled orders on a daily basis.

Create & Approve Purchase Orders

Review Invoice Account Settings 

This will only need to be done one time to ensure invoicing, payments and quickbooks settings are configured for your business needs. 

  1. Navigate to:blobid0.pngAdmin>Account Settings>Invoice
  2. Configure Invoice settings 


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